Help me find a sewing-kit-in-a-pen.
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Please help me find another sewing-kit-in-a-pen like the one I bought at Brookstone in the 1990s.

Back in the 1990s, I went to Brookstone and bought a gadgety-cool yet practical clear ballpoint pen that contained a complete sewing kit. The pen refill held five tiny thread spools, and the remaining space in the plastic chamber held a couple of needles and a safety pin. The sewing kit slid out of the plastic sleeve using the refill as a spindle.

It's been a source of aid and amusement for many years, but it finally grew legs and walked away.

I bought the original as a gift, and I'd like to replace it.

Despite my best efforts at Google-Fu, I cannot find *any* pen containing a sewing kit.

Please help!
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This is a very old and wonderful design, and I treasure my sterling one. The phrase tube + "sewing kit" turned up a few vintage options, but no newly made ones, looking like pens or otherwise. Here is a funky lipstick and pearl style one in an active auction on eBay, and here is an ended auction for a pre-WW1 soldier's version. This one is also an add for Mrs. Pinkham's funny pills.
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Heh, should've previewed instead of spending an hour on eBay collectibles!
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So why not make one yourself? If the replacement is also for a gift, use a nice looking "gimme" pen and throw away its guts. (Sun gave me a pen with an LED that might be neat for this!)

I carry a sewing kit in a plastic egg, but in my smaller bag I have a matchbook-sized kit that my dad snagged from a Japanese hotel -- so it's got this tiny, folding scissors and other such amusements.
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