Vista's popular; it thinks this is six inches.
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Why does Powerpoint 2007 (Vista) not fit my pictures to the window when inserting images?

I've only ever used PowerPoint for Win XP or for Mac in the past, and I've never had a problem with inserting photos - large photos always showed up as the best fit for the area provided, and nothing was ever cut off of the images unless I told it to crop. Now, I've upgraded (questionable phrase...) to Vista and am putting together my first PowerPoint presentation. All of my images are showing up cropped - as if the image itself is too large for the window, so it only shows me a portion of the image at its true size. No amount of fiddling changes this - not stretching the image, no settings in 'size and position' or 'format picture', nothing else I could think of to alter how it uses my images. It's driving me insane, and I have next to no time to fix this before my presentation (which is based on images and thus pretty much useless if I can't fix this). Can you help me get this back to (what I would consider) the normal setting of fitting an image to the window?

I swear, with Vista, if it's not one thing its 8 others....
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Window? Do you mean the slide? Are you using a certain slide layout? Have you tried clicking on the picture you've inserted, and then clicking on Reset Picture (Picture Tools Format -> the "Adjust" box -> Reset Picture button)?
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PS If you've been using PowerPoint 2003 previously, you may find some initial difficulty getting used to 2007. I doubt it has anything to do with Vista specifically.
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