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Book discussion mailing list? I want to find a mailing list that discusses books. I'm not comfortable with like in-person reading groups because I am afraid of other people. They are weird, you know? I also like the intimacy of mailing lists as opposed to like bulletin boards. Anyone?
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I found a good discussion group going for an author I was reading through yahoo groups. I just plugged in the main character's name and an excellent group cropped up.

Have you browsed through sites like msn groups or yahoo groups? They would have author/book specific lists and I would think general reading discussion as well.
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The Librarians Book Club is an all-email book club. They have new titles every two months, are very good about notifying people about them, and I hear they're a nice bunch of folks. I don't think you have to be a librarian. Topica lists some other ones but I don't have first hand experience with any of them.
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