help me identify this usb pen logo
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Can you help me identify this logo? on this. my usb drive has sort of died lately, but still shows up when i plug it in with usb legacy support off. not arsed about the data, but would like to format it somehow. i have heard there may be programs on the manufacturer's website. the problem being that i don't know the manufacturer. any clues?
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Windows? Right-click the drive in My Computer and click "Format..."
posted by rhizome at 2:14 PM on November 17, 2008

Response by poster: ah
no, the drive doesn't show up. it is recognised with legacy support off. but there is no way for me to right click on anything.

even in the devices manager, there is nothing, but it is recognised.
posted by Iananan at 2:20 PM on November 17, 2008

No matches here, sadly.

Where did you buy it? Are you certain it's the manufacturer's logo? It wasn't a free giveaway stamped with some other logo, was it?
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Response by poster: i am not sure, it was second hand. but I had assumed due to the size of the disk it wasn't free.

there is nothing to indicate anything on the chip.
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I guess I can't figure out what you mean by "recognized."

Have you tried Disk Administrator?
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Best answer: That's almost exactly the old BASF spiral logo. They aren't in the business of making usb thumb drives, though.
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Response by poster: when i say recognised, i mean that windows popped up saying device plugged in. then device not recognised. then "remove device and reinsert" or something
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Ah, it looks like EMTEC, a BASF spinoff, still uses that logo. And it looks like they make IT products.
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Response by poster: looks like the logo is Basf. must have been a handout of some sort.

can anyone help me identify the type of drive?
posted by Iananan at 3:43 PM on November 17, 2008

Response by poster:

it appears to be a takeMS colorline, no help on the site though.
posted by Iananan at 4:19 PM on November 17, 2008

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