Dolladollabillz: how to get them from you, for charity.
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I need creative fundraising ideas! I'm raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program and need creative ideas for incentives or for fundraising schemes.

I've already raised a quarter of my total through offering some "subscriptions" lasting the 4-month duration of my training ($10 = a postcard every month; $25 = a mix cd every month; $50 = cookies every month) and plan to ask for donations for a ride I'm taking on my birthday (.26 cents for every mile I ride on my b-day training ride, since I'll be 26!).

Other ideas or incentives?
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Basically, what would get you to part with $25 for a friend doing a charity athletic event?
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Go team!

When my friend and I did this a few years ago we rented a large lot, tents, and talked to bands, restaurants, and breweries. We were able to get a ton of free or discounted food, drink and entertainment. We called it "Chugging for Charity" and got about 600 people to show up at $20 bucks a head. Pretty awesome.

Fyi, we ended up having to hire security, and some crew at the last minute, as well as renting some equipment. Plan for the worst, as cheaply as you can, have faith in the charity of people, and advertise the hell out of whatever you do!
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I did the Marine Corps Marathon with TNT in 2003, and I raised the bulk of my money just with letters asking for money. Not very fun, but it worked.

Another thing was a night at our local pub. We had a silent auction (I asked local businesses for donations of items, and I got a lot of them) and also a 50/50 raffle (you sell tickets for $1 each, and half the pot goes to the winner, the other half is for the charity.)

See if you can get a local restaurant to donate part of a night's takings. I think Chevy's (the tex-mex chain) will do this. I think you get 15% of the bill of anyone who tells them they're there for you.

If I can think of some more ideas, I'll post them. Right now I'm dealing with a cold, so my brain isn't functioning properly.

And good luck!
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Gather your friends and loved ones for a Wii Tournament. Charge $25 per entry, and offer a prize. Prize can be serious, like a Wii or some cash, or it can be silly, like a mullet wig.

If you want to get really crazy, see if you can get a local bar to co-sponsor it, and have it open to the public!
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