Need a very clever puzzle(s).
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Need a clever puzzle for someone recovering from heart surgery.

I don't just want basic sudoku puzzle type games... I'm looking for a website or two++ that sells puzzles... something very clever & will give him something to do... as he has several weeks of recovery.

Background.... he is 45, an executive in the scrap metal industry.... So i was thinking of somekind of puzzle with a heart theme or scrap metal theme.... just an idea... Perhaps I could put a care package together with many different puzzles?

I don't know much about what he likes or dislikes, but he is rather a spiritual person... recently re-married... has 2 grown kids (1 fighting in Afghanistan, 1 in military school)... however, he is a bit of a tequila connoisseur.... (btw he can't drink now, obviously)
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How about a heart puzzle? Not a human heart . . but he'll get the idea.
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They are likely to be too difficult/esoteric, but Panda Magazine is a bimonthly PDF publication that always has about a dozen different puzzles, usually word puzzles and logic puzzles, that all funnel into a big meta puzzle, so you can actually definitively solve the issue.
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I just love the Games Magazine anthologies, The Big Book of Games I and II. The puzzles are so creative, challenging and varied. Looks like the books are out of print new on Amazon, but still available from other sellers.
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Not to be a wet blanket, but after my husband had heart surgery, he was on some pretty major pain meds and unable to do anything at all for at least 5 weeks--right up until the time he went back to work, actually. He didn't have any complications or infections, just a recovery that was very painful and very difficult. The best gift that was given to him was Netflix, which we were able to use to rent only tv-length shows - was all he had the attention span for.

Also - everyone's recovery is different, and I love your idea, but if he's having a hard time with the whole idea of this surgery and is concerned about a new self-image because of it (mnay men suffer depression after having this surgery), an inability to perform well on a formerly loved activity might make things hard.
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Games magazine has puzzles of various kinds and skill levels (some very easy, some very very hard). You could pick up a copy at your newsstand and also start a subscription for him.

Funagain is an online game and puzzle store -that's a link to their puzzles. Rush Hour is a nice one, a set of plastic cars that comes with 40 different puzzles to solve (with answers) - this one is nice if he's not going to be mobile enough to use a tabletop puzzle, as it's a pretty self-contained thing. (River Crossing is similar, but the pieces are a little easier to lose.) They also have wood and metal single solution puzzle-toys (eg, "get the ring off the rope" type puzzles), and Rubik's cube and related toys.

If this is a bigger-ticket puzzle, you could think about getting him a Game boy Advance with the game Brain Age. My older relatives all enjoyed it a lot last Christmas. Again, it's small and doesn't require him to sit up or reach for pieces.
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An update for anyone still reading: Panda Magazine's URL now needs a www. They're not defunct.
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