Daily Variety vs Weekly Variety?
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Daily Variety vs Weekly Variety, which one should I subscribe to?

I am interested in purchasing a subscription to Variety as a Christmas gift. I am having a hard time finding the merits of each option. Does anyone have a subscription and a moment to enlighten me.
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I have daily variety, the online version. It's good. Daily summary to your inbox plus a PDF version if you want it, and full access to the site. I wouldn't bother with the print version, personally, and I think the weekly version is a waste of time... overall if you're the kind of person who actually needs to read Variety, you probably want the wonkiness of the daily version.

Online Daily Variety + IMDB Pro + Deadline Hollywood Daily is a great combination.
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Thanks unSane. I am going to be purchasing this for someone that would definitely want a printed version. Why do you consider the weekly version a waste of time? The recipient is someone that in no way needs a subscription, but is someone who is a movie aficionado, and thoroughly enjoys knowing all the scoops and such.
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Daily Variety during Oscar season is a treasure trove of cool "For Your Consideration" ads featuring movies your gift-receiver may not know about but may be interested in. During the prime summer movie season it is likely that the daily newspaper will come with unique promotional items, for example a DVD of the Buffy musical episode, that can go on ebay or otherwise be ooh-ed and aah-ed over.

Weekly Variety doesn't have things like that.
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Yeah, that's true about Oscar season. The print version is great for that.

I think the difference between them is that you can smell the fear in the Daily Version. Weekly has a bit of the dentist's waiting room feel about it to me. However, that's definitely an insider view. I would just go and buy a couple of copies from your nearest metropolitan newsstand and compare them.
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If your friend is not in the business, get the weekly. The weekly is geared for the fan.
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