Is SureWest TV/broadband any good?
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SureWest is laying fiber in my neighborhood and I'll have the opportunity to sign up. I am considering one of their TV/broadband bundles but I have some questions... [m-i]

I have satellite through DirectTV now which is OK but $49 for no premium channels and constant lost signal - because of the huge trees all around my block that the city won't allow to be trimmed - is kind of pricy. DirectTV put the dish on a pole and raised it up a bit but that's all they can do, so I'm about to reach the end of my relationship with them.

SureWest will give me 200 channels or so, including a package of 20 HBO/cinemax/whatever premium channels, and a 10mbps fiber line into the house for about $100 a month. I have no broadband now. This is fast, I realize, but it has a 40 gb/month unidirectional cap - that is, it is either cut, choked or begins incurring overage fees once I hit 40gb on inbound or outbound traffic, whichever happens first, although after using my 56k line for years I can't believe I'd do that. I assume the television bandwidth and video-on-demand isn't counted as part of that 40gb.

Anyone have experience with this company? Do you know if the new legislation that applies to cable television, allowing users to opt out of certain channels in a bundle (i.e., I could opt-out of all the digital music, foreign language, religious and home shopping stuff, hopefully saving a bit of money) applies to fiber optic as well?

Can I plug the fiber optic cable directly into my airport express for a wireless connection throughout the house or do i have to use some kind of modem/switch? Sorry to have so many questions but I can't find this info on their web site and was hoping some other folks might have some kind of experience with fiber, or this firm in particular.
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I had the original WinFirst fiber-optic service, the whole shebang: Broadband, phone and digital cable. As you probably know, SureWest took over the WinFirst network when they went bankrupt. It sounds as if you're getting in on *new* SureWest expansion, so my experience may or may not be comparable, but here goes.

Get it. It rocks. Losing that service is my only regret about moving out of my old neighborhood and if I had the chance to get it here, I would.

I don't know about your airport, but the service I had was tied to a MAC address on my machine. Later, I got a Netgear router that cloned that address and I hooked up all my machines that way. You could buy separate static IPs for your other machines, but I didn't need that, and the router served just fine. There was no modem, but they did install some sort of box in the garage that handled all of the services. The guy who did the install did a beautiful clean job. Again, this was all before the SureWest acquisition, so YMMV.

Give them a call to get any details cleared up, but I wouldn't hestiate to at least try this service. The broadband will spoil you.
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