Looking for a dark circular puzzle
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Looking for image of circular puzzle of a dark ocean/sea illustration from the 80's.

I'm looking for an image of a circular puzzle I owned from the 70's or 80's. It is an illustration. I've previously looked on ebay and I've also contacted springbok in case it was them. I used to do it and redo it when I was at home sick, so it is possible some of the details could be slightly off, but I love this puzzle. I really want to see the image again.
  • Circular puzzle
  • Ocean/Sea scene
  • Mostly black/dark
  • Small seahorse on it?
  • Tiny house/cove in the middle/bottom of the image
  • May have magic/fantasy theme elements
I also looked here. It is not "Undersea Enchantment". I'm almost completely certain it was indeed a circular puzzle.
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Hmm, I'm pretty sure I had this same puzzle and put it together many times. I think it came in a tube? Sorry I don't have an answer.
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