Help de-code a kid's winter wish
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Help me de-code a NYCares Winter Wishes Wish - I have no idea what this kid is asking for

My company participates in the New York Cares Winter Wishes program, buying gifts for needy children.

I thought i picked as easy one -- he asked for,

"Animal Planet Collection and a great white sharks 2"

i figured they would be DVDs of some sort. intense googling has revealed nothing --- any idea what this kid is asking for?? i know i could just get some assorted animal planet DVDs, but i'd like to fulfill his specific wish!
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The Discovery Channel does a lot with shark shows; maybe you can find something close there. Here's a Great White Shark DVD.
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Yeah --- likely DVDs from Animal Planet.
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Best answer: Well I remember a while back I got my sister a set of wolves from the Animal Planet Collection. It was like a play set of plastic figures. Does it say how old the boy is? Find out and I would get him a toy shark if he is too young. You could also get him the DVDs as well. Education is important. BTW this is a very nice thing you are doing for him.
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What is the age range for this kid? Maybe we'll be able to better venture a guess if we can kinda know what it seems likely he would be into?
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Best answer: Shark Attack playset by Animal Planet? The 2 could just be also.
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Response by poster: he's 8 -- plastic figures might be a better guess than DVDs. thanks!
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I would nth that they are some sort of toy and not dvds. I had a friend who did this through his company in San Francisco and had sort of the same thing where he decided to buy the child a dvd that went along with the toy and was told by the charity they were going through that these children didn't have dvd players.
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Ditto everyone. The "2" might be how many sharks he wants. So they can fight each other, clearly.
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Best answer: Toys R Us has an exclusive deal with Animal Planet to offer certain toys, like various playsets, that is often referred to as "the Animal Planet collection". The plushies available at Toys R US & the Discovery Store are also called "the Animal Planet collection". Finally, a lot of these cards are filled out with the help of volunteers or parents, so what's written could be an adult's interpretation of what the kid said. IOW: I wish you much luck in interpreting this ask. I'm sure that as long as it's age-appropriate and has suitable cool factor, the youngster will be pleased.

I think the second item really is a DVD.
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As a former Winter Wish fulfiller, I would discourage you from getting all DVDs. There is a chance that the youngster doesn't have a DVD player, or has very limited access to one. Sounds to me like the second part is a DVD, but I'd recommend going with the assumption that the first part is a toy collection.

If anyone else is inspired by this to fulfill a Winter Wish - you can sign up to do so online (and do not have to be a NYCares volunteer to do so).
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I doubt this is what he meant, but you should get him these slippers anyway.
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No specific help, but I would suspect the 2 means 'too'.
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I found this on the website:

What if I have questions about the individual who wrote my letter?
Each letter comes labeled with the name and tracking number of the individual and the name and number of a contact person at the social service program with which they are affiliated. Any questions about sizes, ethnicity, color preferences, etc., should be directed to the contact person on the label.

Ostensibly, you can ask the kid him/herself what exactly they are asking for.
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