Recommendation for a home elliptical machine.
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Recommendation for a home elliptical machine.

Im looking to buy a used home elliptical machine. I see a lot of Proform 800's out on the used market for well under 200 dollars, but am skeptical of their build quality. Is Norditrak any good? Can someone recommend some models or brands I should be searching for? Id like to buy used and spend less than $400 if possible. Thanks.

Also, will a fold-down model fit in a small suv?
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I bought the Schwin 431 Elliptical trainer in January of this year and have been really pleased with it. I use it about 3-4 times a week, for 30 minutes, varying resistance throughout my workout. I'm female, about 5'5" - some people have complained about the stride length, so that might be an issue if you're super tall. On the other hand, my husband is 6'4", has used it a few times, and likes it as well.

I went with this trainer because Consumer Reports gave the Schwin a favorable review, taking into account the low price point. I bought it through Amazon - there are over 200 review on there, so you might browse what others are saying about it.
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Costco usually has a good option (depending on location + and with their excellent return policy it's a very limited risk. However, it may exceed your budget depending on what model your local store offers.

Keep checking craigslist for excellent models that people are getting rid of. Should be some great deals within a few months after the holidays or some right after as people who got new models are ready to part with their old machines.
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