Jackets to be embroidered?
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I'm trying to buy some jackets with our company's logo embroidered onto them for some key staff members. I really like the Carhartt canvas style jacket, but they're just too expensive and I can't get them embroidered at the Point of Sale, which would make this whole thing a lot easier. I've checked out Land's End and LL Bean, both of which have catalogs specifically for embroidering company logos onto merchandise, but neither one of them has exactly the selection or type of jacket that would be ideal. Any thoughts?
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I did this once-- I bought the jackets first, then worked out a deal with one of those embroidery kiosks in a local shopping mall to handle the embroidery. The only catch was that I had to overbuy the jackets in case there were any mistakes, but I was able to return them when all was said and done. Also, you might want to bring a sample jacket to the embroidery place first, just to make sure they can work with the fabric. I've also used ePromos, but for glassware, so I can't speak to the quality of their embroidery.
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We've got a group at work that does this. Shoot me an email if interested. I'm in Hingham, MA, BTW
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JC Penney has Big Mac Canvas Chore Coats on sale for $50.
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Check out WearGuard. They have Carhartt and similar (cheaper) jackets, and all sorts of other work clothes, and you can have them personalized with custom embroidery.

I receive their print catalog and it seems to have a few more styles than the website.
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