How to find agency responsible for a web site?
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Which interactive agency is responsible for designing And ultimately, what is the best way to find out who did what? I haven't been able to come up with a good query for these kinds of searches, and I thought that there *has* to be some kind of database online which shows agency-client line-ups. You'd think that these things would show up in AdAge's DataCenter but it does not - or perhaps I've missed it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Drop this guy an email and ask. John Nack.
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Do you have any reason to believe Adobe's site was done by an external firm? I mean, clearly these people have the tools and wherewithall to develop that site in-house.
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@disillusioned Well I know that the packaging and identity designs are done by external firms. At least up til 2006, which was done by Meta Design in SF. I also know about some of their minisites done by small agencies.

Obviously Adobe would have an internal development team for day-to-day operations, but I suspect that it is highly likely that the huge facelifts are not done internally.
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