Bill Joy is awesome, and I want to meet him.
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Can I meet Bill Joy?

I live in Denver, and ski in the Aspen area from time to time. Bill Joy lives there, and I dream of a day when I could have lunch with him and talk about technology, business ventures, and the future. His piece 'Why the future doesn't need us' really struck me when I read it back in 2000 as a sophomore in college. Further, we have similar interests, as we've both read Kruzweil and Drexler (and perhaps others), so I think we might have some good things to discuss. And although I consider myself to be a mere mortal relative to Mr Joy in the programming world, we would also have a common basis for conversation in that realm as well. So, even thought this is a long shot, maybe someone here knows someone who knows someone? Please pass it on that I'd be happy to buy lunch anywhere between Denver and Aspen for the great chance to chat with Mr Joy. Thanks!
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Why don't you ask him yourself? I've gotten weirdly good results by dropping my favorite luminaries a friendly email.
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I came here all excited to tell you that Bill Joy is my hero too, but sadly it seems that we're thinking of different people. If I ever meet Bill Joy (my Bill Joy, not yours), I'd like to ask him how long he's staying
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I tried in college and then when I was in radio to interview Bill Joy (2000 and 2007) both times having been turned down from his personal e-mail address (which I won't give you) with a curt "I cannot do this. Bill".
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