Question about Pgh Penguins Throwback Jerseys.
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I am trying to settle a bet with a friend about the Pittsburgh Penguins throwback jerseys (blue). They were wearing them last night and apparently will wear them for select home games. How did they decide which games to wear them for? Is it when they play teams, like last night, that have black and gold on the away uniforms? If so, it's really distracting and hard to follow who to root for :)
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I'm not sure how the Penguins are doing this, but the Islanders are wearing their third jerseys (which should be their primaries, but that's neither here nor there) on Saturday nights when they play at home. Since you said the Pens were wearing theirs last night, maybe it's the same deal for them.
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Response by poster: hmmm... that sounds correct but I need some sort of link to prove this.
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Nope. Not just on Saturdays. Its probably just a marketing decision, the same as a bobblehead night or any other special night.
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The visiting teams will always wear predominantly white, so it shouldn't be confusing (at least not like how things used to be a few years ago).

As for what dates they decide, it's probably based on which games will give those third jerseys the most exposure for fans ($$$), thus you'll mostly see them on weekends. Although the few weekdays games include the Wild and Islanders, and I'm not sure if they're exactly big draws in Pittsburgh.
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