Help me tame this unorganized mind.
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I need recommendations for free or inexpensive mind mapping software for Windows.

I absolutely love MindManager 8, but my 30 day free trial is almost up, and there’s no way I’m shelling out $349 to pay for the license. There seem to be quite a few free options out there but I would like to narrow down the options before I download and start playing around with them. I’ll be using it for keeping track of projects and organizing research notes. I’m looking for something that is easy to learn, and not too much of a system resource hog. Bonus points if it plays nicely with Word or OneNote.
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For an open source alternative take a look at Freemind.
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I second Freemind for it's simplicity and price. Another alternative that I've been using is ConceptDraw MindMap 5 (note, latest version is 6). You can grab a free professional license (aprox. $200 savings) at

Grab the app from, and make sure it's version 5.

Neither of these are Mindjet's MindManager, but quite good replacements--IMHO.
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I have never used it, but I saw today on Lifehacker that something called XMind was just open sourced and is now free.
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Freemind is great. Even if it has been stuck at version 0.8 for the last 2+ years.
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Concept Map
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