How can I minimize soreness from these vaccinations?
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I was given a ton of vaccinations today (IPV, MMR, Tetanus, MGC, HEP A, HEP B, PPD). Any suggestions on how to minimize soreness in the days to come? I've heard that doing push-ups helps "spread" the vaccine and loosen up the muscles. Sounds like bunk to me. Is this true? Any other suggestions on what I can do now to minimize pain in the future?
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Hot shower NOW wherever they stuck the Tetanus vaccine. Let the hot water run directly on there for about 15-20 minutes - it'll save you 5 days of a sore arm/flank/whatever.
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I remember taking a few days off, spending a lot of time lying around and watching TV and drinking a lot of orange juice after a similar bunch of vaccinations a few years ago. If you have someone around who can pamper you during this time, even better.

I think it may depend on how well you tend to repsond to vaccinations, though.

I agree about the hot shower--even better would be a hot bath.
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I know that people tend to give me that "weird hippy leftover" look when I say things like this...but here goes:

There are a number of linaments incorporating essential oils and herbs that will help. For these recipes, assume 5 drops of each oil, in the case of herbs, you make a strong tea, and then measure the tea as though it were an essential, added to a small amount of carrier oil. (If you're feeling really Martha Stewart, I'll tell you how to make an old fashioned beeswax and oil salve which is like magic. I've got local pediatricians who carry tins of my salve as give-aways to their more "organic" parents.

Here are a few recipes that I make for customers and their do an awful lot of the multi-vaccine thing:

ylang ylang, ginger, nutmeg, rosemary in a carrier oil...such as virgin olive...or more expensively, sweet almond oil. This one seems to have the best response...but I think that's because it's the one that smells the best.

sweet bay, rosemary, eucalyptus, ylang ylang, carrier oil.

cinnamon, geranium, juniper berries, lavender, peppermint, carrier oil. (This one can not be used on small children, or anyone who might have a cinnamon allergy. Cinnamon is bad juju topically for some people. ) But from a topical, "make the pain go away" stand...I love this recipe. I made myself a big ol jar of this after my last knee surgery, and I didn't need the morphine pump nearly as often as I actually pushed it. (Dude, I was like a monkey with that damn button...)

I've got about 6 other recipes that I know work for vaccine soreness...and they smell that's a bonus. ;) If you want to try an herbal aromatherapy approach, drop me an email and I'll be glad to send you a recipe with the amounts and whatnot and I'll turn you on to some places to buy essential oils.

Oh...and thanks for not being a disease spreader. I appreciate it. ;)
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De, you need to either write up a booklet and sell it online or get a website going with that stuff or something. That kind of info is invaluable.
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NSAIDS (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) every 6 hours for the un-natural/chemical approach. How will your liver ever get stronger if you don't exercise it?
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I gotta say OUCH. I just got a tetanus vaccine and I was all like "ok, cool," not having received any sort of vaccine recently and lacking any fear of needles, then about 30 seconds later was like "OWWW" (mentally, I remained composed) and that lasted about a week, particularly when I had to raise my arm at all (I work as a shelver at a library and developed the habit of putting things on top shelves with my LEFT hand). Also, just as it was going away, slept on that arm (which is my usual position) --- bad idea.
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