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I just won a $500 gift certificate/shopping-spree from the good folks at Vanns. From their limited selection I've narrowed down my choice to either a 40gig iPod or a Sony 17" LCD Monitor (SDM-HS73/W). I don't really need either item, as I have a monitor that works just fine and I have a 10gig 2nd generation iPod (although its getting really scuffy looking). The LCD monitor is more expensive (so I would feel like I am taking better advantage of the prize), but I've only seen a few reviews out there (mostly positive) on its quality. So is there anybody out there who's used this LCD monitor? If not, do you think I'd be wiser to go with one product over the other?
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, please don't hate me if I broke some kind of rule about linking to commerce sites. I am in no way connected to Amazon, Apple or Vanns!
posted by Boydrop at 5:04 PM on October 5, 2004

Go with the LCD monitor since you already have a gen2 iPod, by the time your iPod dies there'll be gen 5 or 6 out.
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Best answer: I'm currently viewing AskMe on a SDM-HS73(black). I can't stand LCD screens. That said, it's the first LCD I've seen with picture quality decent enough to make me reconsider my CRT or death attitude. I haven't had any ghosting, the brightness is decent (though not CRT vibrant), and text looks crisp. If you want a LCD, I'd give it a thumbs up.

Two small concerns regarding the size though:
1. The off axis viewing is good but because it's so big, I see a slight dimness in my peripheral vision when I'm looking at a small window. In effect, I'm getting a *slight* off axis effect on the borders of the screen. If it weren't so big it wouldn't be a problem.

2. Native resolution is 1280x1024. While converted resolutions look good, if you want to run games at the resolution that the monitor was intended for, make sure your video card can handle the high res.
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More thoughts:

-It's VGA only. I would expect DVI for a monitor this costly.

-For a few dollars more you could get the HS74P at Vanns. The HS74P is basically the same thing but you get DVI input and XBRITE tech. XBRITE is hard to describe but you can see it for yourself in new SONY VAIO laptops. Basically it makes the display more prone to glare, more glossy, and higher contrast. The HS73 is like looking at a matte photo, the HS74P is like looking at a glossy photo. I suggest you get to a circuit city or best buy and view it in person.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick responses guys . . .
(Keep 'em coming if there are anymore)

Yangwar, do you know if the matte photo look of the HS73 similar to the screen on a newer powerbook g4 (what I'm on right now)?
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Haven't seen the powerbook g4. Sorry.
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That Ipod sounds pretty clean... why don't you get an ipod mini and buy some other crap? Like a 21 inch CRT.
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Instead of using it for yourself since you don't need it, why don't you get the iPod then give it as a gift. Boss, friend, whatever? I have to say, a little secret I have is getting people who's influence I want nice gifts. Yes it sounds like bribing but you'd be surprised how far a little gift giving will endear you with someone, especially when you may need something from them back.

I know this doesn't directly answer your question, and I don't want to be *that* answerer, but an iPod, perhaps more then an LCD, would make a more "I would never get this for myself" gift. Oh and Christmas is coming up.
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