In search of self-taught illustrator
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Help me find a certain article about a young, self-taught illustrator (possibly living/working in London). Vague and inconclusive details inside.

Approximately two years ago, I read a profile on a website (the name of which I can't recall) of an illustrator (whose name I can't recall). What I do remember is that he didn't picture himself as a professional artist growing up and had little or no formal training, but one day he felt compelled to essentially lock himself in a room and do nothing but draw, which he continued to do for two years. When he emerged, he found agencies willing to pay for his talents and is currently working as a professional illustrator.

There are a few details that I may recall, but I'm not 100% sure about any of them:

- I read the article about two years ago, and I think it had been newly published around that time (so it might be about 2-3 years old).
- I'm fairly sure he lived/worked in the UK, and I'm somewhat less sure it was London.
- The article was published in a website that covered topics of art, design or both, and probably contained other individual profiles like this one.
- I'm kinda sure the illustrator was in his early or mid-twenties when the article was written.

I found the profile inspirational and would like to send it to someone who will also enjoy it, but given my inability to recall the names of the man or the site, I haven't made any headway searching for it. I'm hoping this entirely inadequate collection of half-remembered details will seem familiar to someone whose memory is better than mine.

If you know of a similar article in which one or more details disagree with what I (think I) remember, please assume I'm wrong and post it anyway. Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Found it. How embarrassing. I swear I searched for a combined total of a few hours before posting, but afterward I somehow managed to remember that his name was Gez, and it was pretty straightforward after that.

So, um, thanks for reading. Check out the article if you like this sort of thing; I find myself once again impressed with how much he accomplished in two years of intense work.
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