Seeking one-piece, footless pajamas
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Where can I buy one-piece, footless pajamas made of soft, medium-weight cotton, that aren't meant to be underwear?

I want a set of pajamas that's like a union suit but meant for wearing alone, to sleep, rather than underneath other clothes. I prefer 100% cotton, medium-weight, and thermal or jersey material. I've looked at various sites (e.g.,, but no one seems to have exactly the right item. Help?
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like this?
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seawallrunner, they wanted footless...

that being said, to remove the foot portion of a footed pyjama would be an incredibly simple task for you or a seamstress if you are truly useless when it comes to sewing. I'm guessing getting the feet removed would be easier than finding a footless pair, from the sounds of things.
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Target. Saw them yesterday in person. Here's one.
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Best answer: - LL Bean
- Cabela's
- JCrew (!)
- tshirt weight
- Intimo - 100% pima cotton
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Best answer: - American Eagle (not sure if that fits grown men, as opposed to younger teens)
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suhweet! I'm all over some of those big-j things.
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In addition to those cute striped ones above, JCrew has them in plain navy and various mounted antlers! Come hither, Sarah Palin!
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Piggyback - anyone seen just footed bottoms? As in, pj pants with feet?
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How about Nights in White Flannel?

I know they ship to the US, even though they are based in Canada. I have some of their boxers, and my wife has the above linked adult sleeper. There are no feet, and they are super comfy.
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One more in a catalog I just opened today, a classic red/white stripe with trap door.
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Response by poster: FYI, I ordered the red, double-layered union suit from L.L. Bean. I'm hoping it won't shrink too much, as the size that's best for me could be snug in that case.
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