HTML-based email, with sound clip links; how do I make the clip launch a media player without launching a new browser window?
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I need to construct an HTML-based email, with sound clip links, for our glorious marketing dept. But I am having problems with how the clips launch. When you select my link (you choose real or windows media format) the clip launches in the player, but a new browser window launches as well. So, how the hell do I get the !@#%$ player to launch without launching the &*#$% browser window?!? (Real Audio especially)
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Are your sound clip links refered to using the http protocol, ie:

If so, that's probably what's triggering the browser launch, and I'd bet the only way to get away without this effect is to find the name of another transfer protocol.... something like:


I don't know if pnm is actually the right protocol name, but that's the kind of thing you want, one for real media, one for windows media.

And my condolences... I've worked on over 100 email projects this year and I think they're a pain.
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I'm assuming you don't want a lecture about HTML emails being evil, right? Right...

I don't think there's an answer. If you access the file via http, then using a different protocol will probably result in a file not found. If it's a streaming file, ask the admin to try a different protocol (rtsp maybe).

Otherwise, how about a link to a pretty page that announces the file is loading, then redirects to the sound file? It will trigger the load and then (from the browser point of view) stop loading, leaving the pretty page behind.
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It looks as if pnm is the protocol designation for downloaded real files, and rtsp is the protocol for streamed real files.

The microsoft stuff... might be mmp, lpp, or you might even be able to use the real protocol designations.

I must not know the right search terms here, because you'd think this would be thoroughly documented somewhere.
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Response by poster: Excellent! I spent about an hour on google trying to hunt down this information with no luck - ask mefi to the rescue!

I'm assuming you don't want a lecture about HTML emails being evil, right? Right...

Agreed. And, as it turns out, the only thing worse than having to receive one is having to author one. But, we do as we are told...
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