Help finding a certain type of bowl.
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Help me find a certain type of bowl for my wife for Christmas.

I hope I can describe the bowl properly here, as I do not have a photo. My wife absolutely loves the slanted bowls that some restaurants serve stir fry's in. They are plain white, ceramic or porcelain, sit flat on the table but are shaped at an angle and I cannot find them anywhere! Any chance someone out there would know where to find them?
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Do they look like a truncated cone, or like a truncated pyramid (or neither)?
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Is it like this?

Like this or like this?

Do any of these look similar?

Good luck.
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What exactly do you mean by slanted? When you said slanted bowl, I thought of something like this. It's clear instead of white though.
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Or is it something like this or this?
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You mean like this guy? I found that by searching for "tilted bowl" and a number of other related terms, but the official name must be different because I can't find a single retailer. Hope this helps some.
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Response by poster: Its like the one phuniemee posted, except white and perhaps just a touch rounder at the bottom. Thanks for the efforts thus far!
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Here's a possibility? and here's more. If you don't find it online, I'd recommend going to restaurant supply shops in Chinatown. They have a huge selection and fair prices.
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Not white but could work. Fifth row four over. Close up.
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How about this? More of a serving bowl than an individual bowl, though. I found it by searching for "white slanted bowl."
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Most restaurant supply companies sell to the general public. Perhaps you could call the restaurant that uses these bowls, ask them who their supplier is and contact the supplier. That way you could get her the exact bowl that she loves.
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Hey, you're in Toronto. Go to Tap Phong on Spadina in Chinatown. If they don't have them (and I'll be shocked as hell if they don't have them!) let me know. There are some other restaurant supply companies (almost all restaurant supply companies are open to the general public) that I'd have to look up. They're definitely the place to be looking for something like this.
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Response by poster: Alot of these are close. Imagine this bowl but at the same slant as some of the ones suggested. Thanks for all the help! I will probably end up checking out Chinatown soon.
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