Need Buy a Wilson
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Help~ I need to buy Wilson Factor K Three (3) Tennis Racket by Monday night. I am in Central Los Angeles Area.

I am not sure exact model name... but it is Wilson brand K Factor Three or something similar. It is preparable to be 4 1/4 inch grip. I need to have the racket by Monday night so I can take it and fly out on tuesday morning. It is a specifically asked gift. Help me find it.

Thank you
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Mail ordering is probably out since you need it on Monday.

Get ye to a telephone, and call The Racquet Doctor at (323) 663-6601. They may or may not have what you're looking for, but if they don't, they'll probably be able to point you towards someone who does.
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Call Tennis Warehouse
They have awesome customer service and are located in San Luis Obispo, so might be able to get the racket to you by Monday night.
Are youe sure they want this racket? Its is really expensive for a tweener racket
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youe = you
and the font tag did not work for the comment on the racket price for some reason...
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