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Once in a while I go into my gmail Spam folder and I notice that there is the odd email in there that isn't actually spam. One time there was an email from amazon.com telling me that I sold a book and to ship it... whoops! Is there anything I can do about this besides reading every spam email that I get?
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Yes. I also occasionally scan the spam folder just to be sure.
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The official Google solution is to not just mark as "not spam" but to also add the sender to your address book (even if you don't "use" the address book), after which they say it'll never be marked spam again.

(Doesn't work, I've still had things spammed even from these address-booked senders, but every little bit helps.)

So yes, it's a good habit to scan the folder every week or two.
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I periodically scan the spam folder and mark as read scanned messages (there's a new button, "mark as read" in the lab section of your options if you don't want to use the pulldown menu).
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Putting the addresses you want to receive mail from in your address book is called "whitelisting", by the way.

Since modern anti-spam techniques rely on heuristics (such as Bayesian filtering), it's very possible for a legitimate e-mail to get flagged as spam (though perhaps less likely than with keyword techniques). Teaching the system not to do this is possible but there will always be exceptions. Whitelisting common e-mail contacts generally means they bypass the heuristics.
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Scan the subjects and senders in the spam folders.

Mark as 'not spam' and add to the address book.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Your other option (depending on the e-mail provider) is to completely off their spam protection - not the wisest course of action if you get many spam e-mails, but one that helps avoid a false positive.
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