OS Font issues... Need HELP!
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HELP! I am going nutty. Some of my MAC OS fonts and some web page fonts display as Black with a white outline which makes it very difficult to read. It happens in all browsers as well. I assume it is a font issue but have no idea how to fix it or which font it is affecting.
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it's possible your "font cache" needs rebuilding. Try the utility "onyx" for a gui that can do that.

If you create a new user account, does the same problem occur?
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I had this issue for a while, always with Helvetica Neue. It turned out that I had two versions of the font installed, and disabling one of them in Font Book fixed the problem.
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Which fonts exactly are displaying with an outline? If you don't know the names, some links to pages that are displaying incorrectly will help.
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If you have a font called "Radioactive" installed, you must disable it in Font Book.
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Onyx is good, but Yasu is much easier to navigate. Just be sure to check the Font cache bit and let it run, enter your password and restart.
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Whenever I run into recurring font issues, I run Font Book and check the list of fonts for black bullets, which indicate a possible conflict. I then expand any of the font families with bullets next to them and then disable or outright delete the individual bulleted items. That usually does it.
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I have tried YASU and it didn't fix the issue... disabled fonts in Font Book... no font "Radioactive" in there either... I am at a loss. One web page that has this issue is Netvibes the "add content" tab shows with the white outline. I am going to resort to (more) booze soon! HELP.
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ONYX didn't fix the issue either fyi.
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