Looking for films and books on Agitprop
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Looking for recommendations on films (documentary or dramatic) or books (nonficiton or novel) about Agitprop or Agitprop Theater, specifically as it was practiced in Boshevist Russia/USSR.

What I'm hoping to find is realistic depictions focused on what it was like to be "on the inside," formulating and disseminating propaganda messages, or on the recieving end of the propaganda. Historical fiction OK.

Not interested so much in works based on Agitprop ideas.
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This may not directly be what you're looking for, but The Film Factory is a collection of articles, letters etc. by Soviet film makers from 1896-1939. While this focuses primarily on film (there are some Eisenstein articles in there from when he was still doing theatre, I believe) it DOES talk a lot about propoganda. There's even some stuff from Lenin.

Hope this helps even a bit!
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