Customizing an I-Am-Not-A-Paper-Cup.
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I'd like to have a drawing, which I have as a jpeg, printed onto a porcelain I am not a Paper Cup. Does anyone know where I can have this done in NYC?

This is to be a gift for a coworker. It would be perrrrrrfect, so I hope it can be done.

Somewhere below 50th in Manhattan and Williamsburg, BK would be ideal, but I can be a little flexible if necessary. The main thing is that it either be open on weekends or in midtown close to my office.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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I just saw the mug in the thinkgeek catalog, but they don't customize it either. anyone know of online places to have it done?
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The problem is going to be that it's glazed and therefore sort of tricky to print on.

Since the cup is glossy white (I have one and love it), I'd recommend instead printing a high-res image onto a piece of clear film and adhering that all the way around. The shape will be tricky to nail (it's not a rectangle because of the tapering) but you can practice with paper until you get it right. You could also cheap-out, leave the cup white, and instead make/print a cardboard "sleeve" like the kind Starbucks et all add to extra-hot drinks. That's easy to make at home.

Also, if you have not bought it yet... get the black silicone top. The white one stains and ends up not matching properly. My next one will be black-top. :)
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You could try doing it yourself with bake-on decal paper. You bake it on in an oven. I've done this with mugs a couple of times, and the results weren't too bad.

But I'm pretty sure the best thing to do would be to go on etsy and find a craftsperson who's producing ceramics with decal decoration. (I think that's what's going on here, for instance) and ask them about doing a custom piece. Suggest to them that you order the mug but have it shipped to them, whereupon they'll print your design onto it and ship it out to you. Problem solved. Some sellers will say they can't do this, but if you keep asking around I bet you'll find someone who can.
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