Best Websites for Kids. 4th 5th and 6th Grade
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What websites would you recommend for pre-teens.

My lovely teacher-wife has just set up her first website for her 5th grade students. Knowing that they will be hitting her site daily, she'd like to be able to direct/link them to other sites that are fun, educational and age appropriate.

The Googles have failed us miserably.

Thank you in advance!

Bonus points for FUN that sneaks in some education!
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Try FunBrain. Almost all games are arcade or mathematics related.
Poptropica might be good although I think its more fun than educational.
Maybe Orisinal?
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For girls, how about Cartoon Doll Emporium? Also Games2Girls. They're not educational but they might be considered fun.
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I would suggest she look at what libraries have linked to on their sites; usually, these outside links have been vetted by a children's librarian and are both educational and fun.

For example, there's this page at San Diego County Library's website that lists educational games for readers (that is, children who are readers).
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks folks! These were some great suggestions!
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