Autumn camping and hiking suggestions -- escape from NYC
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HikingCampingNaturalBeautyFilter: I'm new to NYC. I'd love to escape the city and do a bit of hiking or camping in the great fall weather we're having. I'm looking for stuff that is a) beautiful and b) accessible by train. I have "sometimes" access to a car for weekends, though, so just spill your favorite camping or hiking area, even if it requires a car. Hitchhiking into and outa town is also ok by me. [MI]

Just a point of clarification. I didn't mean hitchhiking into and out of New York City. I meant after you get off the train in some little town and need a ride out to the trailhead or whatever.

I'm a country mouse, but I'm not *that much* of a country mouse.
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If you're looking for a strictly train/walk-accessible experience, the Pallisades, across the GWB are remarkably beautiful. There's a path that runs from Ft. Lee to Alpine. Beyond that train-accessible are the villages of Garrison and Cold Spring. Harriman State Park requires a bus or bicycle. My favorite little towns near NYC are Piermont and Nyack, both of which have some wonderful parks and views of the Hudson.
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The Poconos arean hour away from you by car. I recommend the Falls at Ricketts Glen State Park, PA. There's a bunch of cool little towns along the delaware (delaware water gap PA, lambertville NJ, New Hope PA).
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Bear Mountain maybe? or the Catskills?
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The Shawangunks are terrific hiking and bouldering just up the Hudson.

Bethpage State Park is just out on Long Island and is much mellower than the 'gunks but very nice for hiking and biking.

Of course if can spare a weekend you could Amtrak upstate and hitch around the Finger Lakes area which is spectacular.
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if memory serves me right (check out backpacker to make sure...) there is a amtrak train stop on the Appalachian Trail. I seem to remember a article in an issue a couple of years ago about just this thing.
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rvra is superb for hiking, camping and fishing.
can be reached fairly painlessly by njtransit (nb: it is a 2-3 mile walk from the lebanon train station to the park entrance, and anywhere from 3-8 miles from the park office to the actual campsites -- no cars allowed, you have to go by foot which is why I love this place. also, due to the fact that you are basically reverse-commuting to get there, it really only works if you can go there on a weekday and then leave on a weekday, e.g. arrive friday and leave monday)

speaking of which, nj state park camping is april 1 - october 31, so I should probably try to do something about that before it's too late this year....
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My favorite escape from NYC was Fire Island. Catch a train out to a town (Long Island) with ferry service to the island. It's not a camping place, but I love beach hiking. You might try to figure a route that takes you to a different ferry landing for returning.
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