Colonization: Lost in Space?
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YAWWTPCGQ (yet another "what was that PC game?" question)

I haven't seen this one on abandonware sites, but if I'm wrong please point me to such a link for extra kudos... It went sort of like this: you are the captain of a second human colony ship, just arrived to some extrasolar system. You were supposed to find the first ship waiting for you or at least a message, but nothing is in sight. You can defrost your people and build colonies on the several planets and moons to get needed supplies, do fixes and all such. While exploring the local system, ruins abound, and depending on how you interact with them different things and game-lines unfold. I recall that trying to mine the upper atmospheres of the gas giants, for instance, caused some creepy psi message from a jovian species, which in part explained where the first ship went wrong. At some point the local star did a mininova, pretty much ruining all your supply gathering and ship fixing. This was more or less the point at which I always got boggled and failed to forever find out what happened. I recall having played the game around 1995, and it had pretty good graphics for its time (VGA?). Triple kudos if you can tell me the end!
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Best answer: Alien Legacy

(human colony ship vga)
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Response by poster: Yes, that's it, thanks! I could have swore I had checked that name somewhere else and decided (from a much shorter description!) it wasn't it. Doh.
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Sounds cool, just purchased a used copy from Amazon (since underdogs is completely fuxxored now). I've been looking for ideas for Microsoft's xbox market, and this one is very similar to game designs I've had kicking around for years & years.
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LeSigh. Web archive has the game but underdogs isn't vending it no more.
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I've been wondering what this game was for AGES, but only had vague memories of it. Thanks for asking, Iosephus!
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