Where should I get married?
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I'd like to find some non-church wedding ceremony & reception sites that aren't very expensive and aren't too far from my area in NY. Bonus points for "unusual" sites.

My wedding will be next July, but we have no location yet.

He & I really need some suggestions for ceremony & reception sites because we are new to our area and because we have a limited budget. Here are our requests/desires:

I don't want to get too far away (2 hours away max.) from Westchester County, NY.

No churches.

The site(s) must accommodate a party of less than 50 people.

Indoor is preferred given the humid weather in the summer.

"Unusual" or "quirky" ideas or very welcomed. We've been trying to figure out something that would fit our personalities. We've thought of movie theaters (if anyone knows one that will do this, please let me know) & libraries (too expensive).
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The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden in North Salem, NY is lovely.
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Also check out Blue Hill Farm, Caramoor, and, if you really want quirky, the Maritime Aquarium in South Norwalk, CT. If you're planning a weekend wedding, I think it'd be tough to use an operational movie theater without guaranteeing them a similar fee as they'd get for showing a movie. You might look into planetariums/observatories and art galleries, though.
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We'll probably be going with a weekday wedding.
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I'm not sure how far Bully Hill winery is from you, but if you want a cool outdoor site and truly quirky I'd give them a call.
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Unfortunately, Bully Hill is too far--about 5 hours.

By the way, my preference is an indoor site.
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I've heard good things about Blue Hill on indiebride.com.

A quick google search suggests (maybe?) this old playhouse, or the Hudson Valley Chamber of Commerce may have some good ideas or know where to refer you.
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Yonkers also has a lot of art gallery spaces, if that interests you.
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