Experiences with Disqus or IntenseDebate on Wordpress?
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I'm interested in using one of these social commenting systems on my blog, but I'm unsure about their integration into wordpress, and the general future of either. Disqus is on Tumblr, but Automattic acquired IntenseDebate. Do you use either (either as a blogger or commenter)? What are your thoughts?

I finally looked into Disqus after seeing it on Tumblr blogs for a while now, and its an interesting idea. There is another similar system called IntenseDebate that I've seen on a few Wordpress blogs now, and does pretty much the same thing.

On the blogging side of things, I'm a little worried about moving my comments offsite, but apparently Disqus syncs their comments with my database, so I won't lose any if I stop using them (I think). I haven't seen if IntenseDebate does the same, but because of the Automattic acquisition, I would imagine it is coming soon if not there already.

On the commenting side, it sucks that there are two competing systems out there. Prior to today, I hadn't signed up for either, and had just left 'unclaimed comments'. But I would imagine someone who uses one comment system often would be unhappy about having to use the other. Maybe I'm wrong?

I'm really just looking for thoughts and experiences concerning either of these social commenting systems. Thanks
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gah, knew I forgot something. On the blogging side of things, how do either of these systems treat wordpress users' comments?

Also, I've verified that both sync comments to the wp dbase, so I guess that is a non-concern.
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When you install and activate the Disqus plug-in for WordPress, it takes over for the WordPress comments. The Disqus comment form shows instead of the WordPress one, so the user needs to either comment through that form. The WordPress login won't work, but they can, as you know, just make an unclaimed comment.

I haven't seen IntenseDebate yet, but Disqus has worked for me. All I was looking for, however, was threaded comments and something that non-conspicuous.
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It's kinda a drag to continually bug people to make an account at disqus, but I think they have a shot at developing a big enough userbase to make it worth it.
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@ignignokt: I can relate - I'm using Wordpress Thread Comment plugin right now to achieve that effect. But the added features with these two may make a switch worth it.
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I use Disqus for my Tumblr but it can be used with any blogging platform though they have tools to also produce customized code for WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and Movable Type.

Also, under the Disqus platform, leaving comments doesn't require commenters to create a Disqus account. In fact, the majority of my commenters just enter a name, email, and comment like standard commenting.

Overall, I've had a great experience with Disqus. I can track comments and replies across all my blogs and everywhere I comment that also has Disqus from a single interface. I can reply to comments from email without jumping back to the post. It's got nice widgets for displaying recent comments and most commented posts. There's built-in comment spam filtering, it supports seesmic video comments with just a checkbox, and it can be converted into a forum. And the developer, Daniel Ha, has been very responsive with feedback and adding features that users are requesting.
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