Engagement Party Ideas
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My brother just got engaged, and we're brainstorming about the engagement party... [MI]

They want to get their closest friends and family together as kind of a meet and greet and have fun type of affair. They want to keep it pretty cheap, since they're footing the bill for the wedding. Here are some problems - there's not a house that's big enough that can be used as the venue; they don't want it to be a stuffy, formal thing at a restaurant; outside isn't really an option (unpredictable weather); it can't be too crazy, since there will be older family members in attendance (bdsm clubs are OUT). Any ideas?

(They live in northern NJ, just outside the City.)
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Formal != stuffy. That being said: bowling, anyone?
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A friend of mine had a crawfish boil (which probably isn't appropriate for NJ), but the real interesting part was everyone invited was asked to bring a bottle of wine to help them stock their cellar (or wine rack as the case may be).

It was a great, casual atmosphere held outside--a keg of beer, music and friends. Maybe you could replicate with a crab boil?
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restaurant things don't nec. = formal and stuffy. a friend of mine did hers at the corner local, which sounds like it would be inappropriate for older folks, but it wasn't. they did it on the patio, which was relatively quiet (and covered, actually), had plenty of seating for the great-grammas. it wasn't as inexpensive as having it at home would have been (they did have to rent the space), but it was a festive party space. because it was the local tavern, too, it easily accommodated the catering (sandwiches of a local famous sort to show off for the out-of-towners) and the inevitable drink spilling.
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