Birth of a Nation Premiere Date?
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How can I find out when the movie Birth of a Nation premiered in Raleigh, NC? IMDB lists the movie's release date as 3/3/1915. I searched newspapers around that date and saw nothing. I believe the idea of movies opening nationwide on a single date is a relatively recent one, so it may be a different date than the one IMDB lists.

There might be an answer in D. W. Griffith's the Birth of a Nation
by Melvyn Stokes, but I don't see where I can get my hands on a copy locally anytime soon.
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You can search that book via Google. There is a footnote that indicates an article titled "Birth of a Nation Draws Big House," was published in the Raleigh News and Observer on November 13, 1915.
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do they have Lexis Nexis at your local library? it's worth a try. also, Griffith's papers should be at MOMA if I'm not mistaken, call them or send them an email.
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More pages may be available for viewing at the Amazon search. Just click the cover enter "Raleigh" as your search term.
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Thanks JoanArkham, that got me right to it. Actual premiere was November 11. It was in town for three days, they had to turn hundreds of people away.
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My grandfather told a story about going to see this movie in, I think, Bakersfield or Visalia. It was the big thing to do back in 1915. Similar kind of tent-show thing with the movie coming into town for a short time.
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