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I got a cheap blackjack II, and I'm happy with it for the most part. However, I'm having trouble finding a headset/hands free set up for my car...

I'm trying to avoid a bluetooth for price concerns and also, well - I find them dorky. I'd prefer a headset that sits around the ear like these or these. I cant seem to find one for the blackjack II, and opted for an earbud. The earbud suuucks, and doesnt seem to actually stay in my ear. The problem seems to be the jack that plugs into the phone is weird (see link for photo).

Does anyone have a blackjack II and have a good headset? I've tried lots of googling, but to no avail. I'll break down and buy a bluetooth if I have to, but for the small amount of time that I'd use the headset in my car (cali law) it just doesnt seem to make sense.
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Bluetooth may be dorky, but it's handy. I have a BlackJack II, and found a Plantronics 222 headset for $15 shipped on Woot. Next closest cost right now is ecost. For as little as you use it, it would be perfect, and is fairly cheap to boot.
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