Best way to store framed pictures?
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What's an easy, convenient way to store framed pictures temporarily? (Especially when they're different sizes.) We have lots of framed photos, maps, etc. that we like to switch out every 6-12 months. We want to protect the glass and frames, of course, but ideally we'd also be able to access the pictures and switch them out relatively easily, without having to unwrap some hellish Christmas present of tape and cardboard and padding every time.
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For framed pieces that aren't terribly big you might get a banker's box and some foam core or cardboard cut the size of the short end of the box and just file the framed pieces - you can just flip through to see what's there - for simple storage where you aren't moving the pieces around that should work fine. For bigger pieces like maps if you have a dry space someplace like an attic you can do something similar using bigger sheets of cardboard between pieces - if dust is an issue bag each piece in either large clear bags or opaque trash bags with a polaroid or label on the outside.
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If space is tight you could store them under beds with bubble wrap sandwiched in between. Wrap a sheet around them to protect from dust. Setting them upright in a closet gently leaning against one another with bubble wrap in between is another option.
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You can get bubblewrap bags/envelopes in an amazing array of sizes. No tape required.
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I would certainly look strongly at bubble wrap. In addition to the layering approach, you could easily make bubble wrap "envelopes" for you to slip the frames in and out of.
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Stack them against a wall and put cardboard in between them.
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Well the are just the usual cardboard corner jackets you place over each corner. Doesn't completely protect the glass, but that is what I would use.
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