Best micriobiology textbook for self-teaching?
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What is the best microbiology textbook for a non-microbiologist scientist who works in the pharma industry with antibiotic products?

I am a neuroscientist so I know some neurobiology and neurochemistry. I would like to teach myself microbiology in order to better understand our antibiotic products. I've gone to Amazon and am confounded by the number of microbio texts. Any microbiologists out there have recommendations? It should be intro but for someone with a science background. I am not in R&D; just on the business/idea generating side. Thanks.
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Bailey and Scott's with the study guide. Good basic book that has updated with the times. My copy is 25 years old and still good for basic stuff. We have te newest one at work and I love the format. Answers are easy to find.
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I have some understanding of microbiology from my undergraduate major of Food Science, and if I were to want to further that knowledge, I would probably start at MIT OpenCourseware. Here is a link to a class that seems particularly relevant to your interests.
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This book is actually really good (and commonly used as a supplement by medical students). It's basically simple cartoon-studded explanations of basic micro. The cartoons are hokey, but I swear they stick with you. Good luck!
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If you want a reference book where you can easily look up info about a specific bacteria or virus, Medical Microbiology by Murray is well suited. The information is organized very well. There are also some general introductory material and some antibiotics chapters.

Microbio Made Simple is really geared toward med students who needs to memorize stuff fast.
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Seconding the Murray. If you want vignettes, Cases in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases by Gilligan, Shapiro, and Smiley is decent.
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