iPhone password manager that syncs with Windows
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Best iPhone password manager -- needs to sync with Windows (without storing on internet) -- How do I do this?

Currently using KeePass on Windows to manage passwords. More about long-term storage than day-to-day passwords (think investment portfolio, not nytimes password).

I just got an iPhone and want a secure way to have access to my passwords from my iPhone, and in a way that syncs to a Windows-interface.
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There is a port of KeePass for the iPhone in development. The only other password manager that I know of for the iPhone is eWallet.
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I've been using eWallet and so far I'm happy with it. It's a bit too glitzy for my taste, simulating the look of a credit card, etc, when all I really want is the info, but it seems to work just fine.

I'm current syncing with my Windows desktop without a hitch.
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I recommend you check out HanDbase - you'll never want for another database type application again - because you can make your own, to your specifications. They already have a built in database that handles passwords preinstalled - and it's encrypted - so your good to go.
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SplashID is cross platform.
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+1 for eWallet. Complete sync with Windows, and great support.
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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but EZ-Login creates a login bookmarklet that can be used on the iPhone. You create the bookmarklet in your browser and then sync it via iTunes.
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