Help Ease My Aching Feet
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I stand for 9 hours a day. I need some comfy shoes!

After working at a desk for the past 5 years, I now have a position that does not involve a chair and a desk. I'm finding that all the shoes I currently own do not stand up (ha) well anymore. I'm looking for shoes that look cool and are comfortable. I've read previous posts and am more looking for updates and other recommendations. No real caveats, though I'm not specifically looking for running shoes. And I've also never been big on shoes that are predominantly white. I have wide-ish feet and my style is, at the risk of sounding like an ass, hipster like. When I'm not at work I wear Onitsuka Tigers or chucks, if that helps. Oh also, I'm a girl.

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Hush Puppies do it for me.
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Merrell Mocs!
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I'm a teacher & on my feel a lot. I don't know hipster fashion any more if I ever did, but I recommend checking out hiking shoes. I've worn shoes by Merrell and Columbia the past 2 years & have been very comfortable.
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New Balance shoes are significantly more comfortable to stand in than either Tigers or Chucks, while looking every bit as cool and classic.

Also, if you're relatively stationary in your standing for work, consider investing in (or asking your employer to invest in) an anti-fatigue mat like the EXTREME STANDING MAT. It's genuinely surprising how much difference that mat can make to your comfort, and it has the added advantage of the best product name ever.
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Dansko professional shoes, adored by nurses the world over. Plenty of non-white options though I'm not sure if they come in 'hipster'. :)
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Keens are awesome for wide feet, and usually look pretty cool. I also like Born shoes a lot, and can frequently find them on sale at Marshall's. Nordstrom's usually has a good selection of high end comfortable shoes, so you can try on a lot of different kinds. Oh, and Clark's, though the cheapo Clarks they sell at JC Penny usually don't have soles that are as nice. The Clark's Indigo line is pretty cool looking.
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Have you tried gel insoles for shoes you already own?
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I have a pair of Propets that are very comfortable. They are kinda grannyish but some of their styles aren't too bad. Here's one.
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another vote for Dansko
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Dansko professionals for me, all the way. I don't know what the hipster kids are wearing these days, but my feet are the happiest they've ever been now that they're finally wearing really good shoes.
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Dansko! Specifically the clog styles. I have the "Marcelle" style, my friend who also spends all day standing vouches for the "Professional".
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i have a pair of doc marten mary janes that i wear all the time. they have a slight builtup sole, and the stitching isn't that loud yellow (but grey) that docs usually have, for a change. they're wide enough for my feet too.
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nthing Danskos. And even hipsters wear them. Look at or at for dozens and dozens of styles, not just the "Professional" model, though that's the one I own the most of. As long as the shoe has the same sole as the Professional, you'll be getting the most bang from your buck from the Danskos.
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danskos are great. they look great with everything except skinny pants. (although if you are thin, you can get away with that, too.)

for pure comfort, i have to say crocs are the way to go. there are some less-ugly styles out there, but i would probably just leave them at work and put them on for class and then change into my nice shoes for breaks and such.
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Dansko, Dansko, Dankso. My own style is "urban bohemian" which is kinda like hipster but with more flowy skirts and no skinny jeans. I bought these (in black) for working in a café a few years back and they were so awesomely comfortable that I got these for just hanging out - they're one of my two pairs of default shoes (I have a pair of brown Camper sneakers for those times when red Mary Janes just won't go).

This pair looks to be a combo platter of the two, and if I could possibly justify buying ANOTHER pair of Danskos, I'd probably buy them for sheer cuteness.

(Ha. Just noticed Dansko also carries a line of shoe with my name, even spelled correctly!)
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I also work on my feet all day and these have been great!
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I have just finished my first 3 days of 12 hour shifts on my feet as an ICU nurse in my brand new MBTs. I used to suffer awful back aches and heel pain from standing and running around all day, but I feel good enough to work another shift at this point (thank the spaghetti monster I am not). I am also somewhat fashion conscious, although I do wear scrubs so take this with a grain of salt: I think they look alright for shoes of an essentially orthopedic nature.

They are painfully expensive normally, but I was able to get a pair of discontinued "sport" type shoes, meaning they have a slightly smaller sole. Amazon is selling mine for 100 bucks, and you can return them if they don't suit you. They aren't the *best* looking shoes, but they do work wonders.
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The last time I was visiting someone in the hospital, a nurse walked by wearing these curious-looking shoes. I had to ask her about them, and she said they were the most comfortable shoes she'd ever worn. Style-wise they have a bit of a Gerald McBoing-Boing vibe, but you might want to check them out.
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These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I've heard that other Clarks are amazingly comfortable, too.
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Another vote for Danskos, which I don't wear professionally, but just because I like the look and they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Try out the Mary Janes. They're not as fab this season as they have been previously, but they're still decent.
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Many years ago I worked as a security guard at an art museum, which meant standing in one place on marble floors for 8 hours a day. When we had private parties, that could stretch to 16 hours. After about a month of trying every shoe imaginable and leaving work each day in pain, I bought a pair of Bates oxfords. They made a HUGE difference.

Granted, they're pretty anti-hipster, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Or you could go completely off the deep end and get a pair of their combat boots. They cater to the military and police, so they're the real deal.
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If you don't mind looking a little frumpy get the black SAS sneakers. They come in wide and I taught in them comfortably when I was hugely pregnant. If your place is warm enough, they make some equally comfortable cute sandals.
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I recommend Ecco and Naot. I loved my Naot's when I was a waitress. I don't know if it is just me, but I have to spend a little money to be comfy in my shoes. I recommend going to a high end or specialty shoe store, where they will have a range of differnt high end shoes and be able to fit them to your feet.
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I've found that YOU by crocs, Sofft and Frye tend to have more stylish options than other comfort shoe brands.
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another vote for Dansko. I just bought a pair for culinary school, though they are not my style, my feet feel good. Just think of any profession that is on their feet most of the day and get what they get. There is a rhyme to the reason.
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I love Palladium shoes! They're expensive ($70-80), but soooo comfortable, and they come in lots of cute styles that I think qualify as 'hipster.'
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