Communicating with a group via text and email?
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Communicating with a group via text and email? How can a group of 7 communicate via text and email. 3 are email only, 4 are text only, the idea is any member can send a single text or email which is delivered to all 7 as an email or text as appropriate. Does this exist? Alternate suggestions welcome.

To make it more complex, everyone has different email and phone services (and won't/can't change), and most are not techie enough to send an email from their phone. UK based if relevant.
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I haven't directly done this, but have got close enough to it that I could have if the need arose.

Using a SQL Server database interacting with a web service to send & receive text messages. Building a VB Macro over Outlook to receive/log emails, and the xpsendmail function to send plain text emails.

Add a user setup table to hold people's preferences & have a couple of Stored Procedures over the top to manage all the workflow.

Easy enough conceptually. Find someone close by with database & application development skills.
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I know that some american cell providers have an email-to-SMS interface. If these UK providers do the same, then than solves half your problem.
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i.e. what davcoo said
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Response by poster: Jott looked very promising but is only available in the US and Canada, thanks anyway. Similarly the email to SMS interface seems limited in the UK. I was hoping for a prepackaged solution, exploring MatJ's response may be my last resort.
Thanks all so far, any other suggestions would be very welcome.
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email-to-SMS gateways should be available world-wide though not necessarily free. Once you have that, you can just create a mailing list with mailman or whatever and subscribe the phonenumber@gateway addresses to it.

If you can't do an email/SMS conversion and people can't read email on their phones then you can't do it.
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I have email to SMS with vodafone in Europe. It's free. I'd be pretty surprised if it's not available with all the carriers in the UK.
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