Where shall I get my manbag from?
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Where shall I go to for buying reasonably-priced (i.e. under £100, if not lower) leather messenger bag (yes, all right, a manbag) in the UK? Anything web-based, or located in Oxford or London would be great. I don't really know where to begin looking. These guys (found via Google ads) seemed OK, but I could be wrong.
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Best answer: I like my leather bag a lot. Bought it last year for 55 pounds from a stall on Spitalfields market that has a few other messenger bags as well, and there is a leather goods store with nice bags just around the corner from the market on Brushfield St near Commercial St.
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I really like these ones from Stabo.
I haven't got one but I do have a pair of their trousers and they're really well made.
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I was bought one as a present from Mexx, and I really like it. Wasn't expensive at all I believe.
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Best answer: I was going to mention another leather satchel stall which is in Brick Lane market, around the corner from Spitalfields, and Stabo have a Brick Lane market stall, so probably you should just get you down to Aldgate East tube this Sunday at around about midday and browse for a few hours. Be sure to look at all the different market areas; Brick Lane market is quite diffuse and the well-signposted main market hall isn't all of it by any means. Have the Tibetan dumplings while you're at it; they're very tasty.
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Don't go with Fossil. My ex boy, also in London, had one and it created a nice shoulder (and occasionally, hip) stain on much of his wardrobe.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I'll get myself down to Spitalfields/Brick Lane when I get chance, and see how I go.
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I like my Tom Bihn SuperEgo messenger bag a great deal, and ordered it over the Web.
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Response by poster: Old Spitalfields Market did the job. Thanks, all.
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