Two Headsets - One Source - Iphone and A2DP FTW...
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How can I connect two stereo (bluetooth?) wireless headphones to a single music source? What products are on the market to do this?

So, I am a ballroom dancer, and my partner and I often share the floor with other practicing couples. We do not always have control of what music is playing, so the ideal solution would be to have my iphone in my pocket and she and I could each be wearing a set of wireless headphones listening to the same music.

I know the IPhone won't do A2DP, so I have to use a dongle to get stereo at all, but what I really want to do is connect TWO headphones at the same time.

I could go the route of a headphone splitter, and TWO bluetooth transmitters plugged in to the headphone source jack, but that seems awfully kludgy.

Does a single, well crafted, iphone compatible product exist that will do what I want?

Other (even kludgy) ideas are welcome.

The goal is that she and I can both be mobile and listening to the same music. If the music source is in my pocket, she's rarely more than 4-5 feet from me when we dance open moves.

Thoughts anyone?
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Bluetooth devices require pairing and I think the nature of how pairing works prevents two simultaneous receivers (headsets/headphones) to actively receive audio from a single source. At best, you could get the source to beam to each receive one at a time but not simultaneously.

In any case, I think you'll have to go down the route of a splitter followed by separate Bluetooth devices. Or how about the person with the iPhone wears wired headphones and the other uses Bluetooth headphone? At least that's a little less bulk.
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Response by poster: Junesix, I never thought about that. I'm not sure the iphone can play thru the headset and the bluetooth at the same time. I will have to try that!
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Bluetooth has a reasonable range. If you combine that with open space, you might be able to get reception from the edge of the room.

You would still have to use the splitter + two dongle idea, but there would be no bulk in your pocket.

Also, don't forget about the bulk of the headphones themselves.
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