To Serve Man (Not A Cookbook)
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I was watching Ken Burns' documentary "The War" this weekend, and started thinking about how I could give back to my community and country, while being a member of a structured organization that could provide me with a social outlet.

I'd like to know if any MeFites have been or are currently a member of such a group, your personal experiences with that group, be they positive or negative, and any recommendations you may have.

For example AmVets, American Legion (As ex-military, I do qualify for both), Civitan, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Freemasons, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, Lions Clubs, Rotary Club, etc.

Please don't consider this list anywhere near conclusive. I'm open to suggestions!
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If I were looking for something like that, I would do my service in an environmental organization with an active local chapter, or I would become an active local chapter of something that doesn't have one in the area. You can act locally and see the results locally, and if you're cleaning up the local environment, you're helping yourself, your family, your friends, and every living being in the area. You can help old ladies with their gardens, help schoolchildren learn about nature, help poor people grow vegetables they can't afford to buy, and get the hell out of the house once in a while. You wouldn't get to wear a fez or drive a little car in parades, but you also wouldn't have to learn any secret handshakes and you'd probably meet young single women who wouldn't expect you to know any secret handshakes.
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