Help me find some WoW bedding for my boyfriend.
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Attention WoW users! I'm trying to find a World of Warcraft blanket or pillow for my boyfriend's upcoming birthday, does anything like this exist? My google-fu is weak.

Secondary question: If they don't make these, do you have an recommendations for those websites that will custom make pillow cases and whatnot? I'd like something quality and comfortable, not those cheap looking and feeling homemade pillows you see.

Tertiary question: Any other gift suggestions for a WoW obsessed boyfriend? He's already preordered the new one coming out, and I don't play myself, so I'm kind of at a loss here. T-shirts aren't possible, as he would wear them in public with me (my enabling only goes so far).

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Check Etsy for handmade goods. If you find something you like that's not-quite-right, many sellers are willing to customize a piece for you.
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Response by poster: Didn't have any luck on Etsy, but thanks for the suggestion.

It's just occurred to me that I could make a pillow using material from WoW tshirts. Do you think if I cannibalized the Alliance tshirt and Horde tshirt and made a pillow with each side one of the logos (so he could flip it depending on which character he was) would be something he would dig? Or would that be lame?
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Response by poster: Oh, and in the previous question, I was referring to the shirt on this website.
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Best answer: I think the shirt into pillow idea is awesome. Can you sew? Jersey (t-shirt material) is kindof a bitch to work with, however.
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My other suggestion would be to buy something that helps his WoW-ing be more ergonomic. A back pillow? Heated neck wrap? Sitting for hours playing computer games can make the back and neck hurt.
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Best answer: I just learned of this website -- custom fabric! Not quite a pillow yet, but just think of the possibilities!!
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I'm donating some handknit Space Invaders socks to a fund-raising drive. I initially offered them WoW socks, with the Horde and Alliance logos worked into the top of each. I think they thought the retro was a better draw for the raffle though.

But if you can draw/colour the logos on graph paper, any knitter would be able to whip up something with them on it for you.
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Best answer: I think the t-shirt idea is an awesome one. I have no sewing knowledge what-so-ever, but an old friend of mine made me two throw pillows out of t-shirt material that I still have (6-8 years later). Sure they have those little fuzz balls on them, but they are insanely comfortable. Even though the seams/sewing is rough, I appreciate the function and content (old band names) over fine sewing techniques.
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He probably already has one reserved, but if not--the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack comes out, I believe, tomorrow. He'll want that.
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I'm pretty sure that he'd go apecrazy for a Figureprints figurine of his WoW character.
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Also, if you want real brownie points, you could always knit or chrochet him "Old Blanchy's Blanket" - which is an in-game item (which Alliance players will be familiar with - but if he's a Hordie, then probably not as much). Or just go with some other sort of silly WoW joke, like sewing a patch onto a blanket that adds +1 snuggle.

I also echo the ergonomic suggestion - there are some really great keyboards and mice out there that are nice for playing WoW. He might also like some of the in-game stuff you get from the card game - which you could find on EBay pretty cheap (the tabards go for about $10 a piece, and there are quite a few of them - while some of the other items like pets and mounts are a bit more pricey, but are pretty rare to see in the game and are a source of pride and joy to us obsessive players). :)
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Most Ink-Jet printers will produce iron-on transfers that you can just iron on to a pillow case.. too easy/cheapo?
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Response by poster: My boy already has a crazy WoW set up, so I'm hesitant to try and give him anything for it as I wouldn't know what would actually be appreciated. In light of that, I'm going to do the pillow thing and I'm going to look at that Spoonflower site with an eye towards a future blanket.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!
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Response by poster: Further update: I did the math and realized that ordering a yard from Spoonflower with designs on them would be cheaper than doing the t-shirt thing (not to mention easier) so I went with that.

Thanks again!
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