What does the word "pegamoid" mean?
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What does the word "pegamoid" mean? Context inside.

Lawrence Durrell - in his novel Justine (part of the Alexandria Quartet) - describes a man as a "pegamoid sloth". Wikitionary tells me it's a "waterproof varnish" but that doesn't seem to make sense in context.

Perhaps the word has changed meaning? Though Durrell's work was published in the 1950s. Or is it some kind of vernacular that I don't know?
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Best answer: The OED gives the following figurative adjectival definition: "impassive, impervious, not susceptible to emotion." The quote from Justine is in there, by the way, along with this one from the Daily Telegraph in 1986: "‘Does he not understand,’ shouted Carlisle with controlled fury at the impassive, pegamoid profile turned towards him, ‘that dole queues are lengthening in the Eastern Cape?’"
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Response by poster: Thanks, mr_roboto. Problem solved!
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