Dawn Simulator Without Backlight
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Does anyone know of a dawn simulator alarm clock with a display without backlight? Or a display with a backlight than can be disabled?

Ideally it would be the type that you plug an external light source into but I suppose I can live with one with an integrated light.

The only one I've found that I believe doesn't have a backlight is this one:
Sunrise Creator
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Not to belabor the obvious, but, with, say, a roll of electrical tape, any backlight can be disabled.
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I am researching these as well, and have been organizing my findings by manufacturer. There are several that use the "plug in lamp" method which don't have a backlight at all, and there are also some that have backlights that automatically dim. Supposedly blue backlights are the worst at night and organge/red are the best.

Here are the manufacturers I have found so far.

Sunrise system

Philips (formerly Apollo Health)




Sunrise Creator:

Hammacher Schlemmer
"Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock" (got bad reviews: not very progressive--light comes on too quickly)
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I have the Hammacher Schlemmer. I wouldn't call it a backlight. It looks more like a green LED than an LCD. In any case, you just see the numbers.
(I don't find the light comes on quickly- it goes from off to full on in about 8 steps over 15 minutes, and full on is like a 25W incandescent)
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@jamaro : if you put the BioBrite into sunset mode without the alarm set, the display will dim.
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I have a Sunrise System SRS100 (the one that lets you plug in an existing lamp). It has an LCD with a green backlight; although it's configurable, their notion of "backlight off" still has a faint glow to it. It's never bothered me, but obviously YMMV.
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@brenton: I have owned the Sunrise System SRS100 for many years -- although I love the dawn clock in general, I have to recommend against this model specifically. It has a terrible user-interface; for example, requiring you to set the alarm for each day of the week individually. Huh?
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Best answer: Sunrise System SRS100 was the choice I went with and as it turns out you can turn off the backlight.
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