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For the past 6-7 years I've owned a mac and therefore paid very little attention to the indie freeware/shareware pc games scene. Recently I got a copy of crossover for my macbook and I'm looking for good places to find small, quality, non resource-intensive games to play.

In the past I've really enjoyed games like Dwarf Fortress or Dominions, games that were built by one or two guys on their off hours as a labor of love.

Now that I've got crossover, I've not only been playing some of great abandonware games of my semi-youth, I've also been having a blast staying up way past my bedtime playing old pc games like Space Empires 4 and Slay. But where can I find more games like these? Especially with 5+ years old games it seems really hard to find the gems out there.
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A couple games that I've really enjoyed recently that aren't very resource intensive:
World of Goo
Fantastic Contraption
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Oh, I missed the point of the question I suppose....Fantastic Contraption is free to play the designer's levels, but to play levels made by players (which is a TON), you have to pay $5 or $15. And World of Goo is also $15. But I think they are both well worth it...
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Home of the Underdogs is a great place to find both newer indie PC games and older abandonware games.
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Or at least it was great until a few months ago. According to Wikipedia it went down in September and hasn't fully recovered.
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Best answer: GameTunnel has a bunch of reviews of independent games. The various end-of-year best-of articles are probably the most useful and they go back 4 or 5 years. Some of those older games are really awesome. The two I'd recommend off the top of my head are Oasis and Gish.
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In case you missed it 6-7 years ago, Snood is a classic favorite.
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Although, come to think of it, it's also available on the Mac.
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Fallout and Fallout 2 should both be available somewhere and don't do any 3d. I think Fallout was ported to the Mac though.
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Is Cave Story the sort of thing you're looking for here? It's available for mac, actually, and an older indie game. I haven't played it -- not the gaming type, really -- but I've heard good things about it. Really good things. Like, large amounts of rabid fans good things.

And also it's free.
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As an alternative to Home of the UnderDogs, there's Abandonia which is "Dedicated to classic DOS games". I haven't used Crossover myself, but the games there also work on the Mac using Boxer.
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For games more than a couple of years old - though their library goes back to the early 1990s at least - offers DRM-free, anytime downloads for a fee (usually $5.99 or $9.99 per game). Their games are, by and large, very good ones, at least, with a few greats (e.g. Fallout and Fallout 2). I've spent quite a bit of money there over the last few months. They have good support as well.
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