Divide my photos into separate files
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Is there a faster way to split a photo into pieces and save it as individual files? (possible photoshop batch question)

I have about 300 photos that were scanned using a flatbed scanner. To save time, they were scanned 8 at a time, leaving me with about 35 jpegs that each have 8 photos on a page. I want to split these into individual files for a slideshow, so using photoshop CS3 I have been selecting each individual photo out of the page of 8 photos, opening a new document, pasting the photo, and saving it into a folder. This is obviously taking forever. Is there a faster way?
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You could use slices to cut it up however you want and then go to Save for web and select jpg for your output.
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If you're comfortable writing scripts, you could do it with ImageMagick.
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Seconding imagemagick Easy to plug together with a bash script. The basic format will be something like:

convert -crop 200x100+300+400 image.jpg image_cropped.jpg

See also
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Best answer: Might as well give you a script too. Once you play with one image and find the proper coordinates to crop at, for each of the images, you can do something like this from a mac/linux/cygwin command line:
for i in *.jpg;do
convert -crop 200x200+0+0 $i.jpg $i_cropped1.jpg
convert -crop 200x200+0+200 $i.jpg $i_cropped2.jpg
. . .
convert -crop 200x200+400+400 $i.jpg $i_cropped8.jpg
(Adjust the parameters appropriately)
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If the files are really big and the slices are really small, imagemagick can be a really bad idea. Something that only has to read the image file once, like a python script using PIL (e.g.) can be much faster.
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