Should I consider a pitch from GuidePoint to be a part-time consultant?
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Anybody know anything about GuidePoint Global Advisors? I received an unsolicited request to join them, but I'm not sure how legit it is, and my "too good to be true" sense is tingling.

I tried searching, and found people that listed being an advisor as part of their credentials, but didn't find anything that would help me understand the value chain between GuidePoint clients, GuidePoint, and advisors. I am concerned that GuidePoint may be interested in more than just getting a cut of some type of consultant fee, but that might just be me being overly cautious. Below are relevant parts of what they emailed me:

Based on your background and experience in the Technology field, I wanted to invite you to join GuidePoint Global Advisors, a consortium of industry and academic leaders around the world. As an Advisor, you can participate in paid consulting opportunities with our clients, typically through phone calls that are 30-40 minutes in length.

Guidepoint Global is an independent research firm that manages a network of industry advisors who provide consulting services to our clients, who are global investment management firms. As a Technology Advisor, you will have the opportunity to consult and collaborate with investment managers on the latest industry developments mainly through one-on-one telephone consultations. Our clients would like to speak to experts in various Technology fields to get a better understanding of industry trends and market dynamics.

All consultation requests received by Advisors are completely optional, require no minimum time commitment, and are scheduled around the Advisors’ availability. Advisors are compensated quickly and generously according to an hourly rate that appropriately reflects their time, or a contribution can be directed to a charity of their choice. Topics for discussion will be based on public information and Advisors are prohibited from discussing proprietary information or violating any confidentiality agreements in force.

So, is this an easy way for me to make a bit of extra money? Front for a recruiting scheme? A big datamining effort to get me into their database so they can profit by (how?...)?

Any information or pointers to information would be greatly appreciated.
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Our company has done some work with another company (Primary Insight, a Bear Stearns unit) under as a similar arrangement and it has worked out well for the few, brief consulting assignments we have performed. Rates were up to $350/hour or so, but very brief. Usually 1-2 hours. Not a prime source of revenue, obviously, but certainly worth it to provide some extra money.

Guidepoint Global appears to be legit, and based on the same business model as Primary Insight. Here is a page outlining a number of companies applying this so-called "Expert Network" model.
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Ask them for references.
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@forforf did you sign up? I got an email from them too - am wondering whether to sign up.
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Response by poster: I haven't signed up, mainly because I'd have to update my resume first.
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