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NYC-Filter... I am looking for some meeting space in NYC for a few meetings (probly 3 or 4 over the course of two or 3 months). The trick is, I would really like someplace that has walls of whiteboards for brainstorming. Does anyone happen to know if something like this exist either in the city or north jersey? My Google-Fu has failed me!
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How about a hotel? Many have meeting room facilities & there's no commitment.

If you want something more fully-featured, check into short-term office space.
A quick Google reveals http://www.workspaceoffices.pth4.com/. Others provide this service, even with a receptionist, internet & phone amenities.
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Try looking up focus group facilities in New York. These have just what you're looking for (and more if recording equipment would also be useful to you) and they are for rent by the hour.
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Public libraries often have meeting rooms. Colleges, Universities may - but I have no idea what their usage policies are.

Maybe some sort of co-op office, temporary/shared workspace. I can't quite google-fu it right now, but I know their are concepts like this in SanFran.
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College and Universities are usually a good bet- scout their libraries and student centers. Chances are that if there's not an obvious sign-up or card checker to make sure you go there. You can just walk in and nobody'll know the difference.
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One of the schools where I teach rents out classrooms after school hours and on weekends. Many of the rooms have whiteboards and smartboards. If you're interested, email me and I'll give you more info.
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Response by poster: lol - so the classroom idea is a great idea... unfortunately, I work for (all intents and purposes) two universities, and we are trying to go offsite as to actually get some work done :-)

That being said, it never occurred to me to find a classroom and not tell anyone where we'll be - with the amount we have all over the city, I'm sure I could find one that is outside of our main campus.

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